Currently Reading/Watching/Playing: September 2016

The fact that we’re here, almost at the end of October, and I’m only just now managing to put together this post, tells you a great deal about both the state of my life lately and the state of my reading list last month.

Maybe I’ve become a more discerning reader who is more easily disappointed by books? Or maybe I’ve just been unlucky. Since I could only come up with two titles that I felt were worth recommending (The Last Days of New Paris by China Mieville and The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan, for the curious), I’m filling the space with something different: a short media guide to the recent things I’ve been doing with my free time, other than just reading.

So if you’ve ever wanted to hear my podcast recommendations, here’s a post for you!

PODCAST: I’ve picked up podcasts basically in the last six months, and already found a small number that I really enjoy, but my rec here has to go to Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men. I’ve never been very deep into the X-Men part of the Marvel Universe (with the exception of Laura Kinney and some very basic background reading), so I went into this podcast more or less cold – and it’s been a delight. Hilarious, insightful, and a joy to listen to, Jay and Miles have now put out over 130 episodes delving deep into the complicated continuity of the X-Men in comics, including a number of creator interviews with some fantastic folks (Al Ewing, Kris Anka, G. Willow Wilson, and Chris Claremont, to name a few). If you, like me, love comics, superheroes, and analysis of both, go here. Thank me later.

TV SHOW: Okay, this is cheating since it dropped at the very end of the month and I didn’t technically finish watching it until October, but I have to give this one to Luke Cage, which took all my excited expectations and blew them out of the water. This show was fantastic in basically every way, delivering on its promise and creating a new hero I can’t wait to see more of. Between Mike Colter as the titular hero, Simone Cook as Misty Knight, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple and Alfre Woodard’s stunning performance as Mariah Dillard, a mid-show twist that I did not see coming, and some incredible visuals and musical performances throughout, this show was a winner.

COMIC BOOK: Limiting myself to one title is hard, but since Monstress was on hiatus for the month I’ll go to All New Wolverine. I’ve loved the book since the start, and even in the midst of a line-wide crossover Taylor managed to keep the tone moving and make the story a cohesive part of Laura’s continued growth. The beginning of the “Enemy of the State II” storyline starts slow, but I am looking forward to seeing where it’s going – and how Laura will deal with the consequences.

VIDEO GAME: This is cheating a little bit, but I’m currently replaying the Mass Effect trilogy and very much enjoying it. It’s definitely holding up to another round, this time with a renegade Shepard and (thus far at least) no romantic entanglements. It was extraordinarily difficult not to romance Liara again, though.

I think that about covers it for my media consumption, since I don’t think I’ve watched a single movie in maybe two months. I’ll see you in six days when the October post (hopefully) goes up.


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